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10 Tips for Successful Instagram Marketing

  • September 26, 2019


Instagram is a social media platform that centers on visuals, that is, pictures and videos. Engaging Instagram in the marketing aids growth of your business and brand. Instagram is widely used by people all over the world, as of December 2016, the mobile photo-sharing network had reached 600 million monthly active users. Using Instagram marketing tips to grow your business will create a lot of awareness for your business.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing on Instagram

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Allows showcasing of products and services
  • Increases customer loyalty and acquisition of products
  • Causes increased web traffic
  • High Post Visibility

10 Quick Instagram Marketing Tips

Make your Bio Interesting:

Your bio is the first thing viewers look at before looking at your photos. If your bio is interesting and captivating, it could lead to gaining loyal followers rather than just mere viewers.[irp]

Stay Recognisable with a Consistent Photo and Name:

Maintaining a profile picture and a name removes the difficulty of not being easily found. This way, people can easily identify with your brand or business.

Write Active, Fascinating Captions:

Without a fascinating caption to an image on Instagram, it wouldn’t get the desired result in terms of followers’ likes and comments. Post an image with a fascinating caption and you could gain even more cognizance for your business or brand. This could be done by writing a question as the caption, this way, it keeps your page busy with followers’ participation.

Engage Contests and Giveaways:

Engaging in contests and giveaways helps you acquire more followers, helps to increase your rating and also helps to increase customer loyalty. Post a catchy photo of the price and follow up on it.


Hashtags are a popular trend on most social medias like Instagram. Stay modern and keep in touch with the flow of your followers. Followers like it when a brand is not archaic and using stuff like Hashtags, make your followers look forward to your next post.[irp]

Mix Videos and Pictures:

Mix up your posting strategy by posting videos in addition to pictures because videos can generate 3 times the desired response than pictures. See Instagram as a form of storytelling. Using videos gives life to your storytelling.

Respond to Shout-Outs from Followers:

Responding to comments and shout-outs, thanking your followers for their tags, and generally showing a bit of appreciation to your followers makes the conversation and post less one-sided. Doing this shows that you care about your followers, and aids in building a better relationship, thereby, increasing followers at the same time.

Post-High-Resolution Pictures and Videos:

Instagram is all about visual –pictures and videos. Posting photos and videos of high quality helps you to retain consistent followers. If your photo is of a poor quality, people wouldn’t want to look at your page.

Add Some Creativity:

Adding creativity to your posts is a good way to keep your posts interesting. You can vary the way you post, or posting strategy and people love interesting. So making your post interesting makes your followers follow up on your Instagram page and your business in general.

Use Instagram Tools:

Instagram tools are good Instagramming features that make your post look exclusive. Devoting your posts to the use of the various Instagram tools is also good for marketing your business.

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