10 Social Media Marketing Tips

10 Ways to Successfully Market on Twitter

  • September 26, 2019


What Is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing refers to the efforts in creating contents that gains attention and website traffic by the use of social networking websites.

Why the Need for Social Media Marketing?

There are various reason for social media marketing which could be to gain popularity, for awareness to the public, for business purposes, and the list goes on depending on the individual or organisation. Social media marketing helps to increase brand recognition, followers’ and customers loyalty, increased website traffic, increased search engine ranking, and creates more awareness for you and your target area.

Take president, Donald Trump as an example, he claims that social media helped him in winning the presidential election, crediting platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As I quote, he said “I think it (social media platforms) helped me win all those races where they’re spending much money than I spent. And I won, I think that social media has more power than the money they spent, and to an extent, I have proved that”. This is a practical example on the usefulness of social media marketing and how it goes a long way in advocating our brand for us.[irp]

How to Successfully Market on TWITTER Social Media:

Catch Your Readers And Followers Attention

Post things that are able to captivate your readers. The more captivated they get, the more your marketing increases. This could be done by using catchy and fascinating titles.

Knowing Your Target

Knowing your target helps to keep your post on track. This way, you know what your area of target likes and what they want or need, and this helps you to get more followers within your area of target all the more.

Tweet Regularly

As much followers as you want, requires how much effort you should put in. Tweet occasionally, and your followers would always have a reason to go online and check your new tweets. Tweeting regularly, could also help expand your horizon, to followers’ family and friends.

Use and Follow up on Twitter Trends

Be in the loop, know what’s trending like “hashtags”, links, and bios and so on. This makes you modern.

Tweet Images

Tweeting images makes your post less boring and more interesting, but endeavour to post an image or images that are in relation to what your tweet is about. Images also help in making your page colourful.

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

Have a bio that tells people who you are, what you stand for, what your brand is. It could also include a link to your online page and website.

Engage Your Colleagues

Get your colleagues and friends involved as much as possible. They can be of great help to you and your brand. Get them to follow your tweet, retweet, and refer them to your page.[irp]

Encourage Your Followers To Participate

Don’t let your tweet be a one-way-thing. Get the participation and opinion of your followers, this way, they know they are just as important as your work is. This could help increase your rank.

Keep Your Tweets Concise

Do not make your tweets long. Studies have shown that people tend to not read long notes or posts, so make your tweets concise and straight to the point with a bit of cheer in it.

Follow Back the People Who Follow You

People would follow you and your brand because they have interest in it. Following them back could mean that you also have an interest in them.

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