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12 Tips & Tricks to Successfully Market on Facebook

  • September 26, 2019


Why Facebook? Facebook is one of the fastest media growing platforms that has over 800 million users, comprising of various potential targets. Facebook can be easily accessed by users on smartphones, tablets, desktops and computers over the internet or network service.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing on Facebook.

  • Grasp a Targeted Audience
  • Increase in Website Traffic
  • Improvement of SEO
  • Helps you gain more ideas for your business.
  • Horizon expansion of brand or business
  • Builds brand loyalty
  • Helps attracts existing and potential customers.

12 Tips & Tricks to Successfully Market on Facebook

  1. Promote Your Facebook Page:

    Promoting your Facebook help to increase your horizon. By adding referrals to your Facebook page on your other social media platforms helps promote your Facebook page and generates more network traffic for you.

  2. Use Recognizable Profile Picture:

    Uploading a recognizable profile picture of yourself or your brand is important to get found and liked. This is because your profile picture shows on your Facebook page, or you can choose to target leads and their friends, or those who aren’t connected to your page yet at all. Depending on how wide you want to expand your horizon, this could determine if you’ll just target people within your locale or beyond your local area.[irp]

  3. Avoid Spam:

    Spam is one of the easiest ways to lose fans. Continually sending out a promotional blurb about your company, without anything of value for your fans, can make your fans lose interest and eventually, you’ll lose your fans.

  4. Use Facebook Ads:

    Facebook Ads helps in pushing your brand forward. You’d be surprised how fast ads get to people, and the more that get to know about you and your brand, the popular you become and gain more fans. Facebook Ads aren’t as expensive as we think. They have a great impact on your followers and on your business growth. Facebook Ads can help you achieve the desired result, depending on the type of Ad you select.

  5. Contest and Giveaways:

    The better the price, the more people you’ll get to like your page. People tend to participate more if there’s something they can gain positively from it, so implementing contests and giveaways would be good for your business. This could also lead to the bloom of your business.

  6. Post Regularly:

    Posting regularly gets your fans to keep coming back to your pages to keep up what’s new on your page. This also increases the interest of your fans, promoting your brand.

  7. Create Groups:

    Creating groups helps to increase the level of participation of your fans. This could aid in reaching out to potential customers, followers and fans, and vice versa.

  8. Engage The Participation of Your Fans and Followers:

    Posting things that catch the attention of your fans, enhances their participation, increasing the buzz-wave of your page and leading to more publicity. Engaging the participation of your fans and followers helps build a relationship and that way, they know they are as important as your brand is. An example is to ask for users to provide a caption to an exciting or laugh-worthy photo aiding interaction and engagement.

  9. Cultivate The Use of Pictures and Videos:

    Pictures and videos are a major element of Facebook’s appeal. Posting an image or video on your page helps to calm the mind of your fans to an extent.[irp]

  10. Tag People:

    After every post, tag as much people as you can, especially your co-workers, family, friends, sponsors, fans, related brands or companies, Tagging is a popular Facebook tool, this helps in increasing publicity because the friends of those tagged would have to access your page.

  11. Contents That Go on Your Page:

    It could help putting up posts that leave a sort of mystery behind, or something that causes anticipation in your fans. This way, they get to keep coming back to your page. Another important fact to know is that you should be careful about what the contents of your page. Make sure it revolves around your fan and brand.

  12. Share Testimonials on Facebook:

    A very good way to do this is through the use of images and videos. Sharing past testimonials helps your fans not to lose faith in you and in your business.

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