Online Reputation Management

3 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017

  • September 26, 2019

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) aims at improving or restoring the perception of a company’s name or brand. We live in a search trigger world as company’s, products and or services are constantly Googled. Online reputation is the information people find online about a company and make no mistake, everyone is at risk of negative content online. Creating and promoting positive material that counters, weakens or eliminates negative sentiment around the internet. This process, helps businesses improve its credibility and overall reputation.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t consider ORM until it’s too late. At this point, they’re in a nasty and controversial situation. Lately, ORM has become one of business’ most critical marketing focal points. Businesses need not only manage their reputation but that of executives also. In this digital age, there are all sorts conversations about your brand. Businesses need to take part in those conversations and steer them to a more welcoming shore.
Usually, business would love to be the model brand online. But if you do find yourself in a storm, there are ways to recover.

Take part in the conversation:

With the rise of social media and more social platforms brand conversations can happen everywhere and anywhere. Consumers go online to share their perspective about brands, products, and services. The bigger the business, the higher the odds are you’ve had highs and lows. Ranging from very positive feedback to very negative reviews. And you have to take part in these discussions.[irp]
Our advice? Join the conversation. Don’t hide. Don’t hope the situation would fix itself or fade away. You need to guide the discussion by sharing positive reviews, updates or changes that impact the way your product or service is delivered. Automated responses would hurt your brand during an online crisis. As this dehumanize your company. Customer or online users need to know and understand that you care and you are listening.

Stay Proactive:

Always stay ahead by sharing positive news stories, press releases, and testimonials. This reduces negative ones and prevents them from creeping into prominent public view. Getting users to share their experience with your brand, product or services will go a long way with your reputation. Staying alerted and responding quickly to negative mentions enables you to contain the situation. This positions your company as transparent drives the discussion with customers. And responds to their grievances in a sensible and timely manner.

Be active on social media:

Being active on social media has two big SEO pros. 1) Social media profiles will organically rank in search results. 2) it’s an effective strategy to drive traffic to your website. By interacting with online users and building yourself an audience, you’ll grow your authority and brand voice. A note of caution: Staying authentic is key. People can differentiate between and automated feed and humanized feed. You’ll be most effective by starting real conversations with people and giving them a reason to follow you back.
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