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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

  • November 16, 2019

Digital marketing is one of the hottest trends now. There are basic do’s and don’t’s even with digital marketing. Having a foreknowledge on these would help you’re your business from falling into harm. In other to succeed one needs have an understanding of past mistakes. No matter how large or how small your organization, you’ve made at least one of these common digital marketing missteps. Good knowledge of basic digital marketing errors can help brands avoid them in the future.

Neglecting Analytic Tools:

Use other analytics tools to understand your content’s reach. Content creation isn’t about what you post; it’s also about where and when you post it. Analytics tools give you the data you need to understand how your content connects with customers. Using an analytic tool, helps you to keep track of your progress. You get to know what posts are shared the most and reviewed. Adjust your marketing strategies based on the information gotten from the analytic tool. Thus, not using the analytic tool is a mistake your brand is making.[irp]

Targeting the Wrong Audience:

In digital marketing, a defined audience is key. Targeting the wrong/right audience affects your business. So before you start marketing, it is necessary to make research about your targeted audience. For instance, if your targeted audience is working class people, your approach at getting their attention would differ from when your targeted audience is children. You have to spend time getting to know your audience. What language type appeals to them. What marketing strategy is best for them

Lack of Set Goals:

It’s important to plan the content and what you’re actually sharing. Doing this would make you consistent with your brand’s voice and image. Having objectives and goals which you’re working towards, will keep you on the right path. Without goals, you’ll never be able to measure your success. Neither will you be able to identify areas where your campaigns need more support

Posting Identical Content Across Platforms:

There’s no reason for your customers to follow you on Instagram if you’re posting the exact same content on Facebook. Content creation should be tailored such that it suits the social media platform, as well as its audience. It’s better to do one platform well than do two or more poorly.

Not Thinking About Mobile:

Mobile audiences are increasing, and the massive expansion of social media and video is driving this forward. A large number of users are on mobile devices, it’s becoming increasingly important that marketers consider their customers’ mobile experience with their website(s) and brand. Aside from optimizing a customer’s mobile experience on your own site, it’s critical to think about how advanced digital marketing and advertising can help you effectively deliver your messaging to mobile audiences. Lack of mobile would result in loss of potential customers.[irp]

Not Engaging Followers and Building Community:

“Social media is a great customer service tool and it’s important to answer questions promptly and respond to people’s comments. Beyond that, social media is also about being part of the conversation. Brands want to increase their Instagram followers by posting pictures and the likes. But this isn’t enough. You have to be aware of the conversations your customers care about, then find a way to drive that conversation and be a part of it.

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