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5 Types of Blog to Use for Your Business

  • January 23, 2020

As a business, using a blog can be crucial in gaining leads and building up a relationship with current and future customers. There are many different types of blog posts you can use to draw readers in, each of which come with their own benefits and rewards. In addition to figuring out what type of blog you want to use, you should also consider getting the best hosting service you can find for the money you’re willing to spend, to make sure your website is fast and reliable.

How-to’s or Tutorials

This is one of the most powerful types of blog for businesses. Usually, the main reason that people go onto the web is to learn how to do something, even something as simple as how to change a tyre, or cook a certain type of food. If your customers have a problem, and you can present them with the answer, this is a great way to establish yourself in the industry and build up trust.[irp]


People love lists. It is a simple way to present information that is easy to read while not being heavy on the eye. They speak out your desire to offer lots of valuable information in a short amount of time.


There are two different types of review post you can use, either a review of a product or service or a comparison of multiple products or services. Many blogs are dedicated purely to writing reviews, and you can find them relating to all sorts of things, from the top movies to the best type of vacuum cleaner.


Infographics provide a very different way to display information. They tend to be visually very appealing and are a good way to attract viewers. Plus, they are great for embedding on other posts or on social media. You can check out one of our infographics post.


By posting videos to YouTube, you are already likely to be generating lots of leads, considering it is the second most used search engine. But the rewards for your work can be even greater if you can embed a video in an article on your blog.

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