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6 common mistakes content marketers should avoid in 2017

  • September 26, 2019

content marketing strategy

Below are the common content marketing strategies that content marketers should try to avoid in 2017

Mistakes are part of the growth process and are almost unavoidable but there is hardly a success story without one or two mistakes. Mistakes also provide a clear view of things to avoid in the future. That is why most of the leading businesses would spend a fortune searching and researching the market for mistakes that might lead to failures.

1. Neglecting Preparation/Groundwork:

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. Bypassing preparations is one common mistake people often make. Before venturing into the business of content marketing there is a need for rigorous planning ahead and also there are some fundamental questions that need to be asked for example why are you doing this i.e. content marketing strategy? Who are your target audiences? What is your ultimate goal? How are you going to achieve your goals? and how are you going to identify and also reach your targets?  Answering these questions will provide an insight into what to expect and when to expect them.

2. Weak headlines:

Having a weak headline is just like serving a delicious meal in a dirty brown paper bag, while a catchy headline represents eating from a banquet table, gloriously adorned with wonderful table dressings and colorful, appetizing food.  The headline is what attracts readers because it doesn’t matter how beautiful or sophisticated your content is if your headline isn’t attractive enough no one would read it.[irp]

3. Ignoring your customers:

This is probably the easiest path to self-destruction as a content marketer. Ignoring the people who are the main reason for setting up the business defeats the purpose of content marketing. The only reason a business is set up is to solve customers’ problems, therefore, marketers should make sure they listen to their customers’ questions, feedbacks, and complaints. This will make sure that customers are served better in the future, and also brings the marketer and their customer’s closer.

4. Settling for quantity over quality:

I’ll tell you this; under no condition should you settle for mediocrity in abundance. The quality of an article is in its aptness. Overly long articles tend to lose reader’s attention. Your contents should be detailed and at the same time as short as possible. Keep in mind, the shorter the better.[irp]

5. Giving up:

Giving up is one of the most common mistakes in content marketing. Every content marketer needs to know that content marketing takes time and one should not expect success overnight. Most of the leading content marketers had to wait a while before amassing an attentive audience.

6. Writing for yourself instead of customers:

When writing, it is always advisable to write as a reader and not as a writer because you are writing for other people, well, except you want to be reading the articles yourself. The contents come out when the writer puts himself/herself in the readers’ shoes.

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