Email Marketing Onboarding

6 Effective and Cool Email Onboarding Tactics

  • January 23, 2020


A welcome email is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Your welcome email sets the tone for the relationship you plan to build with your new subscribers and helps engage them in your mission. The first email in your sequence is crucial because it overcomes skepticism. The challenge here is to remove the subscribers’ uncertainty and captivate them.


Here are a few key elements to strengthen your onboard email to new subscribers

Be Bold and Be You:[irp]

Introduce yourself properly. Email list building isn’t a time to beat around the bush and annoy your subscribers in doing that. Be bold enough to establish a sense of mutual trust by showing off your own unique personality. Give your followers enough context to help them understand why they should listen to you. And this should be captivating enough to get their attention. Subscribers attentions are likely to be captured if you can be of any benefit to them.

Use Actionable Language in Your Subject Line:

You have a new email subscriber, and you’ve sent your initial welcome email to them. The defining moment comes next: will they open it and read your message or will it get lost in the clutter of their crowded inbox? To ensure new subscribers open your welcome email, use compelling words in your subject line. Example of these includes, “We’re not a charity. We’re a movement.” or “Welcome to the team. Let’s start building!”

Deliver on What You Promised:

Subscribers could become loyal customers if they see that you keep your word. For instance, if the reason why they subscribed was for promos and giveaways, this should be easily accessible to them. Aim to build that trust between you and your subscribers, and this will turn them into loyal customers.

Effective Onboarding emails anticipate user needs:

The act of predicting what subscribers may need or ask extends kindness builds trust and encourages engagement. In order to be anticipatory in your onboarding language, you have to consider your user’s unique place in the flow — both theirs and yours. Data provides information on where users commonly have challenges, so make sure your emails help make them easy to overcome before your user needs to ask. [irp]

Encourage Users to Achieve Tangible Things:

Avoid making your onboarding complicated. The major reason potential customers subscribe to what you’re offering is because they saw a beneficial goal to pursue. Ensuring that this beneficial goal is achieved is key. This will determine later if the subscriber becomes a loyal customer or not. Any kind of friction or frustration can cause them to click away.

Encourage social sharing:

Your message is so great it should be shared with your subscribers’ networks, right? This should be the case with every piece of email correspondence you send out. Social media buttons that connect to your company’s Facebook Page, Instagram account, LinkedIn Profile, etc. should be included in every email you send. Not only does this give your subscribers the opportunity to share your message with their friends, it also gives them an opportunity to further connect with your organization. It is important to provide your subscribers with as many ways as possible to connect with you and share your emails.

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