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6 must-haves that Make a Formidable Content Marketer

  • September 26, 2019

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing that is strategic and induces interest in a particular product or service through the creation and publication of materials online, which could be textual or otherwise and ultimately brings about profit.

What are the qualities that are akin to a content marketer and his/her articles?


With the increasing competition and overloading of articles on a particular subject, the need to have unique articles on a website has never been more important. Another thing is that search engines e.g. Google, Bing now rank sites based on uniqueness. Sites with contents never seen before get ranked ahead of the others. Nobody wants to come to your website and read what they read somewhere else.

Proper use of grammar and punctuation

The use of proper grammar and punctuations cannot be overemphasized. Proper grammar usage gives you confidence. It also tells people that you know what you are saying. Good grammar builds trust between a business and its customers. Some customers, at the slightest of grammatical errors, will never come back again. Good grammar also ensures affective and effective communication.[irp]


There is a need to roll out stuff systematically. Keep in mind that there is an unquenchable hunger for new articles. Even with the number of articles available on the internet, readers have a penchant towards sites with new and fresh articles. New articles attract new audiences like a magnet does metal while also whetting the appetite of the old ones. Competition has also ensured that consistency is now an unconditional necessity.

Basic programming language (Html, CSS)

It’s all fun and games when, as a content writer you write and post hitch free until there is a need for change e.g. design, template, that is when the problem erupts. To stay relevant in the art of content writing there is a need for a workaround knowledge of basic Html and CSS. Sometimes there is a need for an upgrade or even a total regeneration. The basic knowledge of HTML is a necessity and it’s pertinent to becoming a formidable content writer.

Solution Oriented articles

Most people don’t read just for the sake of it, especially not on the internet. People surf the internet because they need answers and they will continue until they have found the solution to their problems. Your website should contain articles that will solve your customers’ problems. Customers are inclined towards products that offer solutions.[irp]

Soft skills

First of all, we need to know what soft skills are. Soft skills are simply those traits that characterize your interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Customers unknowingly bond to a website that feeds them contents that see through them.  Contents reflecting exquisite soft skills, particularly communication are likely to get customers excited and always come for more. Customers want to feel special therefore, they cherish articles that appear as if it was written just for and because of them.

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