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[Infographic] Can Video Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

June 1, 2019 • By

Granted that it is more expensive to create video when compared to editing text or images, numerous business owners throughout the world are attempting to discover whether an investment in video marketing would improve the results of their campaigns. As such, in this article, we will explore the current video marketing trends to determine its suitability for advertisers.

Video marketing has been shown to increase sales and conversions

According to a resource on digital marketing statistics, merchants that use video to promote their products can obtain a 144% increase in sales. The reasoning behind this statistic is that customers usually want to learn more about how products work and look, and doing so is much easier with the help of video.READ MORE

Content Management

6 common mistakes content marketers should avoid in 2017

June 1, 2019 • By

content marketing strategy

Below are the common content marketing strategies that content marketers should try to avoid in 2017

Mistakes are part of the growth process and are almost unavoidable but there is hardly a success story without one or two mistakes. Mistakes also provide a clear view of things to avoid in the future. That is why most of the leading businesses would spend a fortune searching and researching the market for mistakes that might lead to failures.READ MORE

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Top 9 Reasons why your Business needs SEO

June 1, 2019 • By

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of enhancing your company’s online visibility, driving traffic to your website and satisfying broader marketing objectives. It’s a powerful long-term investment that will greatly benefit your business by increasing your company’s brand awareness, enhancing consumer perceptions about the brand, as well as increasing business leads and sales.


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Digital Marketing

5 Keys to Conquering Digital Marketing in 2017

June 1, 2019 • By

5 Keys to Conquering Digital Marketing in 2017

Disclaimer: This post, as with every post that aims to predict the future, should be taken with a grain of salt. The main purpose of this post is to offer ideas and open a constructive discussion around the future of digital marketing over the next 12 months.READ MORE

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Content Management, Digital Marketing

4 Important Content Optimization Rules For Your Brand’s Content Management

June 1, 2019 • By

4 Essential Content Writing Tips for Higher Search Engine Ranking.

What Is Content Optimization?

Content optimization involves the process of ensuring the content of a website’s page look more attractive to search engines and users i.e they are written in a way that it can reach the largest possible target/relevant audience. Content optimization is the process of optimizing your content to make sure that it’s more visible through the web.READ MORE

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Digital Marketing

Use Social Media to Get More from Influencer Marketing

June 1, 2019 • By

It takes a lot of effort to get your audience to trust you, but you need trust to get conversions.  Consumers have changed the way they buy. People don’t just go to a mall to shop, where they can pick up and really get a feel for the quality of a product, how it looks, how it feels, and how it works. People buy online. They rely on other user reviews to learn more about products. More than that, they rely on the thoughts of others who know more than they do.

Influencers have already built trust with their followers. People listen and act on what they say. Until you build trust with your own audience, these influencers can play a huge role in helping you to meet your business goals. You have to do it correctly.READ MORE

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