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Digital Marketing

Four Benefits of Video Marketing

October 11, 2018 • By

The use of online videos as a marketing method is growing rapidly, with more and more brands using this technique to spread the word about their products and attract customers. The fact that YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world proves that people want to use video as a way to learn and be entertained. Some of video marketing’s many benefits can be found below.READ MORE

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Digital Marketing, Social Media Management

Major Platforms for Social Media Customer Care

October 11, 2018 • By

Many different social media platforms are making it easier for brands to use them for their customer service needs. By using social media to answer customer questions or complaints helps to streamline the communication process and also offers a faster response rate to usual customer service methods. After you build your website, the first next thing you should focus on is your social media presence, for a number of different reasons.READ MORE

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Digital Marketing, Email Marketing

Email Marketing Facts

October 11, 2018 • By

Defined as the act of sending a commercial message, email marketing has been used for quite a long period of time. It was 40 years ago, in 1978, when Gary Thuerk, who worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, sent the first mass email. It was sent to about 400 potential clients and the results were phenomenal as $13 million worth of sales were done. Since then email marketing has really taken off, and the best email marketing services can offer you a serious advantage when it comes to spreading the word about your product online and increasing your brand popularity. This article includes several interesting facts about email marketing.READ MORE

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5 Types of Blog to Use for Your Business

October 11, 2018 • By

As a business, using a blog can be crucial in gaining leads and building up a relationship with current and future customers. There are many different types of blog posts you can use to draw readers in, each of which come with their own benefits and rewards. In addition to figuring out what type of blog you want to use, you should also consider getting the best hosting service you can find for the money you’re willing to spend, to make sure your website is fast and reliable.READ MORE

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Digital Marketing

Cybercrime and 2018 Digital Security

October 11, 2018 • By

Digital Security

Cybercrime is on the rise like never before. Thanks to our ever-increasing demand and reliance on the internet, smart devices, social media and e-commerce, cybercriminals are coming out in their droves trying to steal information for financial gain.READ MORE

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Digital Marketing, Social Media Management

Infographics: How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

October 11, 2018 • By

After just two years in existence, Instagram Stories feature is already boasting of 300 million daily users. Started as a direct competitor to Snapchat, it offers businesses a massive reach and great engagement. The 20% of stories posted results in a direct interaction with users.

No wonder then that 88% of businesses  plan on increasing their posts to Instagram Stories in 2018, while 30% of brands plan to create Instagram ads.READ MORE

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Email Marketing

6 Effective and Cool Email Onboarding Tactics

October 11, 2018 • By


A welcome email is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Your welcome email sets the tone for the relationship you plan to build with your new subscribers and helps engage them in your mission. The first email in your sequence is crucial because it overcomes skepticism. The challenge here is to remove the subscribers’ uncertainty and captivate them.READ MORE

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