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Major Platforms for Social Media Customer Care

September 26, 2019 • By Akara David

Many different social media platforms are making it easier for brands to use them for their customer service needs. By using social media to answer customer questions or complaints helps to streamline the communication process and also offers a faster response rate to usual customer service methods. After you build your website, the first next thing you should focus on is your social media presence, for a number of different reasons.READ MORE

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Digital Marketing, Social Media Management

Infographics: How Businesses Use Instagram Stories

September 26, 2019 • By Akara David

After just two years in existence, Instagram Stories feature is already boasting of 300 million daily users. Started as a direct competitor to Snapchat, it offers businesses a massive reach and great engagement. The 20% of stories posted results in a direct interaction with users.

No wonder then that 88% of businesses  plan on increasing their posts to Instagram Stories in 2018, while 30% of brands plan to create Instagram ads.READ MORE

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Importance of Customer Care Support in Business

September 26, 2019 • By Akara David

The significance of customer care support

Customer care support is important for all businesses. Customer satisfaction should be a priority for all businesses if they want to thrive. Therefore, the customer care department is a representation of the business. If customers have any queries or complaints, they should be attended to. Below are some of the impacts of customer care support on businesses.READ MORE

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Top 4 Instagram Growth Hack

September 26, 2019 • By Akara David
Instagram has currently ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site with 700 million active users in August 2017. Instagram has evolved from just an image app to a vital digital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. At Verhaal, we encourage SMEs to leverage the use of Instagram to create more awareness for their brands using the following organic growth hacks.READ MORE

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8 Social Media Tools Necessary for Content Marketing

June 1, 2019 • By Onyinye

Social media accounts for about 27% of all time spent online. Which customers use to discover and research brands, and also for marketers to reach out to potential customers. Thus producing a valid content together with using the right social media strategy, will give your business a boost. The content of your social media goes a long way in retaining your customers and turning your targeted audience into customers.READ MORE

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The Only Email vs Social Media Resource You Need

June 1, 2019 • By Onyinye


What is B2C? Business to consumer (B2C) is a form of business or transaction between a company and consumer who are the end-users of its products or services. B2C is among the most popular known sales models. Businesses that rely on B2C must maintain a good relationship with their consumers to ensure that they keep coming back.


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