How to beat Instagram Algorithm in 2020

Most businesses and experienced marketers often claim that Instagram remains one of the best platforms for lead generation and winning new businesses. At the moment, this Instagram is one of the top five advertising platforms in the world, behind Facebook…Read more

Best Google Chrome SEO extensions for Bloggers

Are you a new blogger or a veteran blogger and looking for ways to get your content to reach more users? Today is your lucky day as we would be sharing a few tips on certain Google Chrome SEO extensions…Read more

Guarding against a Data Breach is the Smart Marketing Move

For businesses, data is essential. We need it to effectively market our products. Protection from data breach is as essential for business success as collecting it is in the first place. A data breach carries some serious risks for businesses.…Read more

Instagram In-feed Video ads versus Story Ads

A current survey conducted by Wibbitz, aimed at learning more about their Instagram usage, revealed people were more likely to buy something after watching an in-stream video ad versus a Story Ad. According to the report from Wibbitz (which happens to be…Read more

[Infographic] Can Video Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Granted that it is more expensive to create video when compared to editing text or images, numerous business owners throughout the world are attempting to discover whether an investment in video marketing would improve the results of their campaigns. As…Read more

Infographics: Don’t Let Your Business Become the Next Cyber-Victim

How is the cybersecurity for your business? Does it start and end at the installation of some anti-virus program and passwords for when you log into the system? That’s not a bad start, but it’s also not the best way…Read more

8 Social Media Tools Necessary for Content Marketing

Social media accounts for about 27% of all time spent online. Which customers use to discover and research brands, and also for marketers to reach out to potential customers. Thus producing a valid content together with using the right social…Read more

The Only Email vs Social Media Resource You Need

EMAIL MARKETING or SOCIAL MEDIA? WHICH WORKS BEST FOR B2C What is B2C? Business to consumer (B2C) is a form of business or transaction between a company and consumer who are the end-users of its products or services. B2C is…Read more

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Grow Email List Without Shortcuts

HOW TO GROW EMAIL LISTS WITHOUT RESORTING TO SHORTCUTS 4 WAYS HOW TO GROW YOUR EMAIL WITHOUT SHORTCUTS So then, how do we grow our email list without shortcuts? The first step would be to not buy mailing lists. But…Read more

What Google Never Told You About Organic Traffic

STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE WEBSITE ORGANIC TRAFFIC Every business needs publication and website traffic. Apart from using simple techniques like making use of bright colours for your website, generating useful contents from comments and the likes. There is a need for…Read more
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