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Social Media Marketing Mistakes Hurting Your Brand

April 1, 2017 • By

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Hurting Your Brand

In this jet age where marketing messages are everywhere, marketing campaigns need be relevant. Between users having low attention span and marketing contents competing for users attention. Marketers need to make sure every social media post is relevant, timely and aimed the right target audience.

Poor image quality or no image:

Firstly, humans are very visual by nature and need images to remember things long after. Scientist claim that about 90% of information arrives our brain in visual form. To connect with online users, ensure you always add an image. You might not be a graphic designer but free tools like Canva can help with high-quality images.

Self Promoting Only:

One sided conversations:

Thirdly, most brands are content trigger happy, focusing on numbers of daily posts. Social media is a space for brands and users to start a conversation. It might be your twitter handle or Facebook page, but it also belongs to your users. It is necessary to encourage engagements and discussions. If a user asks questions, respond and in a timely and social fashion.

Ineffective or sporadic ad spending:

Neglecting Analytics:

Lastly, any form of Digital Marketing without analytics, testing, and reporting will fail. In digital marketing there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. Success comes from testing, testing, and more testing different strategies. The only way to know if your making progress, is by analyzing the data. Brands are lost in the euphoria of things upon opening a social media account. As rule of thumb carry out analytics weekly, or at least monthly.
Brands don’t have a choice on whether to use social media, the question is how well can brands do it? For more social media marketing tips check out our Blog. Or visit our website to talk to one of our Digital Marketing specialists.