Mobile Marketing History

Brief History of Mobile Marketing

  • January 23, 2020

The so-called mobile marketing is a new form of digital marketing. And its main focus is to reach a specific audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The idea is that goods, promotions, or services, reach customers by the information that is shared through those devices.

Andres Kaplan gives a good definition of mobile marketing. He says it can be “Any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device”.

A brief timeline, researched by Website Builder, of mobile marketing will be presented in this article.[irp]

It all started in the new millennium, as marketing via SMS become popular in Europe and parts of Asia. Businesses which had mobile numbers of their customers started using them to send promotional content and the first mobile ads were shared via SMS in 2000.

Soon after, in 2002, it became the newest mass media channel. Famous brands like Nike and Pontiac launched SMS campaigns in 2005.

With the evolution of mobile phones in the years that followed, the mobile marketing started experiencing changes too. Smartphones were introduced, which enabled companies to send more sophisticated ads to their customers.

In 2010 QR codes started being used in mobile marketing, and Apple released its mobile advertising platform called iAd. With developments like this, the mobile marketing became an industry that was worth $14 billion in 2011.

2012 saw the launch of Facebook’s mobile ads on its mobile application.

In the first half of 2013, the mobile revenues were $3 billion, and the industry was worth $19.3 billion.[irp]

Mobile devices overtook desktop in internet users worldwide in 2016.

The huge growth of the mobile advertising industry can be shown with the fact that 34% of the e-commerce global transactions made in 2017 were by mobile commerce, and that figure is predicted to double in 2018.

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