[Infographic] Can Video Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

  • September 26, 2019

Granted that it is more expensive to create video when compared to editing text or images, numerous business owners throughout the world are attempting to discover whether an investment in video marketing would improve the results of their campaigns. As such, in this article, we will explore the current video marketing trends to determine its suitability for advertisers.

Video marketing has been shown to increase sales and conversions

According to a resource on digital marketing statistics, merchants that use video to promote their products can obtain a 144% increase in sales. The reasoning behind this statistic is that customers usually want to learn more about how products work and look, and doing so is much easier with the help of video.

In fact, it is believed that around 4 in 5 customers believe that demo videos are helpful for learning more about the features of a product. This makes absolute sense, considering that the amount of information that can be absorbed via video is considerably larger when compared to text and images.

While expensive, it provides a positive return on investment

Video production is certainly not the easiest task since it requires extra equipment and a trained person to film and edit the footage. However, market research has shown 83% of businesses believe that investing in video marketing is bound to provide a highly positive ROI. It is also important to mention that filming and editing have become considerably easier, thanks to numerous advancements in filming hardware and editing software.

In case you don’t have a dedicated marketing team, chances are that you can still film and edit some videos by yourself. While the quality will likely be lower, any type of content promoting your products or services is bound to have an effect on your sales.

People watch!

The amount of time that people throughout the world spend watching videos on a daily basis is astounding. In fact, 45% of people spend at least an hour watching videos on Facebook or YouTube weekly. Additionally, YouTube’s user base has had a massive growth, and the trend isn’t showing any hint of slowing down. With over one billion users, you can safely assume that at least a few hundreds will stumble upon your product presentation clip or video advertisement.

Speaking of branded videos, roughly 32% of consumers engage with such clips on YouTube, therefore increasing the likelihood of people finding your presentation videos and purchasing your products.

If we take all video-sharing platforms into account, we can safely assume that most internet users consume a few hours of video every month.

Improving branding and trust efforts

Branding is essential for any business at the start of its journey. Only through branding and trust or word of mouth advertising can a company attract long-term clients. Videos are highly suitable for engaging with potential customers at an emotional level, while also showcasing professionalism. These aspects apply to all types of videos that you can create for promotional purposes, including demo videos, advertisements, and tutorials.

Your website’s SEO will be thankful

Lately, Google’s ranking algorithms have started rewarding websites that feature video. There are several reasons for this, including the increase in amount of time users spend on your site, alongside better reader engagement. These factors then prove that you are indeed offering quality content, thus prompting Google to reward your website with a better search engine result ranking.

Some studies also show that you are several times more likely to appear on the first page of search results if you have at least one video embedded onto your website. It is believed that video can encourage a 157% increase in organic traffic coming from search engines.

Another factor worth keeping in mind is that video marketing improves the experience of mobile users, who are now more likely to spend a longer period of time browsing your website or YouTube channel.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, most statistics prove that video marketing is here to stay as one of the most important digital marketing strategies. While getting started isn’t too simple, if you offer quality products and services, you’re more than likely to obtain a positive ROI from your video marketing efforts. Remember that by 2021, videos will account for up to 82% of all internet traffic, so it’s certainly wise to get a headstart.


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