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Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2018

  • November 16, 2019

Marketing is always about what the consumer needs and wants to hear. If it’s not relevant or interesting, it becomes annoying. Digital marketing isn’t as easy as it seems or how people take it to be. There are different skills and techniques for handling digital marketing. It’s not about how much you offer, but the quality and value of what you’re offering. Thus, it is needed, that one should know the necessary marketing trends. This will keep your business floating at the top. We also need the right tools, platforms and technology to help us access the huge amounts of data online. Here are 6 digital marketing trends that will be helpful.


Platforms and apps

The web is moving away from an Internet of websites to an Internet of apps and platforms. In recent times, it has been noticed that more people access the Internet through mobile apps than computers. It is more convenient accessing the internet through applications. Thus to keep being at the top of your business, you need to work on your web platforms and applications. This big trend is something that can’t be ignored. Marketers are going to need to work out how they reach consumers via apps and platforms.[irp]

Influencer-Marketing Acquisitions

Studies have shown that online consumers are becoming more and more frustrated with adverts interrupting their browsing experience. Today’s consumers prefer to make their purchasing decisions based on either recommendations from friends and family, or from online influencers they admire and trust. There are also 2 distinct categories of influencer marketing. B2C which is generally about building brand awareness and B2B which often is more about lead generation and measurable results. Influencer marketing is helpful in delivering higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. For instance, women check out social media platforms before making a purchase and much more.

Marketing technology

Marketing technology has 3 core categories. B2B marketing, B2C marketing and advertising technology. B2B companies spend much more on their front-end sales than on marketing at a ratio of 10:1. B2C spends a lot more on marketing than sales with an inverse ratio of 10:1.

Virtual reality

Virtual tours, one-on-one engagement, interactive and immersive commercials are just a few ways marketing will likely shift soon via the use of virtual reality. You could quite provide your customers with a 360-degree immersive story through visual content. There is a current demand for personalization among consumers and how that can be implemented with a 3D virtual experience.

Marketing automation

Automation isn’t new, but it’s become necessary and relevant in marketing. Marketing automation is achieved by outlining actions and results for tasks and processes, which are interpreted, stored and executed by software tools. Marketing automation is necessary especially with the focus shifting to writing 10 times the amount of content that is 10 times better than what your competitors are putting out. [irp]

Location-based marketing growth

One of the best ways to create an interactive experience for customers, is to deliver content and target the user at or near the point of engagement. That can happen as a customer nears a retail location or other designated physical location such as a tradeshow or special event. Using Bluetooth technology, you can use push notifications to nearby devices, attracting the attention of your target audience.

Digital marketing trends keep shifting and changing to suit the age in time (modernization and technology) which we are in. As best as you can, let your business be modern, be in the know-how-to-do-fast-means to get effective results.

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