Social Media Management Tools

Effective Social Media Management Tools

  • November 16, 2019
Social media is a platform to post, text, and market. It also allows users connect, share pictures and videos. Examples include Facebook, a social networking site. Twitter, a microblogging site, and Instagram, a photo-sharing app, also, Snapchat, WhatsApp.


This is one of the oldest social media management platform. It enables its users to manage many accounts on different social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in one dashboard. For those willing to take their Social Media Management game up a notch, HootSuite would be your best bet. It allows you track ROI with analytics and you can also schedule posts. It even gets better with its cool features and layouts making sure it is stress-free.[irp]


Talk about a social media that can turn you into a Social Media Superhuman. Its most interesting feature is the automated response. It can respond to users with supersonic speed even when you are offline thereby amplifying your efficiency.


Buffer is more of a Social media sharing platform. It is also a very efficient Social media tool for analytics and post scheduling. It makes your social media management smart and tidy. Buffer queues up your posts, space them out so they can be sent out at the best possible time.  It sends out your posts so you can get optimal reach.  It works well with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Offers users looking for a platform to customize, shorten, measure and manage their links. It is so expansive in its usage that you can connect it to your social media and Google Drive account. You can also add the extension to your Chrome browser and windows. Bitly shields you from having URLs that are boring and too long to remember.[irp]


What else can you say about a Social Media software with an Emmy Award? Spredfast allows its users to manage and monitor social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others. Spredfast doesn’t have an end-to-end social suite rather, it partners with other social media vendors.


One of the best analytical tools made especially for Twitter. This particular tool lets you utilize Twitter efficiently. With Twitonomy you can analyze profiles, monitor interactions, and get insights on your followers. It also offers basic Twitter actions like tweets, retweet, favorite and mention. You might have also been wondering how you can backup or save your tweets- Twitonomy lets you do this by allowing users export their tweets via a pdf file or spreadsheet.[irp]

With these Social media tools, a social media manager can manage his or her social media pages seamlessly. They go side by side with social media platforms and they make life easy for all of us. For more Content Marketing tips check out our Blog. Or visit our website to talk to one of our Digital Marketing specialists.

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