Email Marketing Facts

Email Marketing Facts

  • January 23, 2020

Defined as the act of sending a commercial message, email marketing has been used for quite a long period of time. It was 40 years ago, in 1978, when Gary Thuerk, who worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, sent the first mass email. It was sent to about 400 potential clients and the results were phenomenal as $13 million worth of sales were done. Since then email marketing has really taken off, and the best email marketing services can offer you a serious advantage when it comes to spreading the word about your product online and increasing your brand popularity. This article includes several interesting facts about email marketing.

196 billion emails are sent on a daily basis by 4.3 billion email accounts worldwide, with 77% of consumers preferring email for marketing communications.

Email marketing has a three times bigger conversion rate than social media, as 71% of the mobile purchasing decisions are mostly influenced by emails from companies.[irp]

The most used email marketing techniques include: email automation, personalization, advanced segmentation, broadcast timing based on locations, basic profile based targeting, lead scoring, responsive email design or device detection coding, and social media integration.

In a research conducted by Forbes it was concluded that email is the top source of analytics data for marketers, with 41% using their email marketing performance data.

Email marketing has different forms in which it can be carried through.

  1. Transactional emails

    They need to have the purpose of facilitating, completing, or confirming the transaction agreed by the recipient. The main reason for sending these kinds of emails is to convey information regarding the action that triggered it. They are also used to introduce or extend the relationship with customers and subscribers.[irp]

  2. Direct emails

    These are created to send a promotional message to a customer. The companies send these emails by using their own list, or renting a list from service companies.

  3. Mobile email marketing

    This is used as a pull strategy since there is a huge amount of traffic made via smartphones and tablets. The advertising content can be chosen based on the behavior of the recipient.

It can be acknowledged that this marketing strategy is successful. As it helps with creating a “bond” between companies and customers, and increasing the percentage of conversions.

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