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Four Benefits of Video Marketing

  • January 23, 2020

The use of online videos as a marketing method is growing rapidly, with more and more brands using this technique to spread the word about their products and attract customers. The fact that YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world proves that people want to use video as a way to learn and be entertained. Some of video marketing’s many benefits can be found below.

Can be found by Google

It is easy to optimize videos for search engines like Google, so you can use them to bring organic traffic to your site. Google likes videos, so videos are a good way to building up your website in terms of SEO as well. You should use links in your video description as another way to attract people to your site.[irp]


All you have to do is scroll through your Facebook feed to be inundated with video content. That is because a video helps to encourage social shares. We are living in the age of viral videos, people want to share videos with others, especially with the increase of mobile usage. If a customer likes what she sees on your video, she can share it with others on her social media platform.

Boosts Conversions

Including video content on a landing page can increase conversions dramatically.

z A video, if made correctly, has the power to influence the buying behavior of customers, and persuade a website visitor into a lead. Depending on the angle that you are going for, they can take the form of an advert, a tutorial, a testimonial and many other, the options are endless.[irp]

Trust Building

Videos can be used to create a personality for your brand. It presents another way for a business to connect with a customer and earn her trust. The more videos that are produced, the more your customers will learn about your company, continually building a relationship.

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