instagram marketing tips for business

Four Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips For Business

  • September 26, 2019

instagram marketing tips for business

Instagram has proven itself as a social media platform. It has since been making abuzz as this photo-sharing app has become more popular and widespread. But this is not it’s sole purpose, as of now and this post will focus on Instagram marketing tips for business.

Aside from the users being able to share their photos, marketers and businesses have also adapted to how Instagram works, therefore using it to their advantage. Marketers are now using Instagram as an instrument for effective marketing.

But not all marketers are aware of the perks of Instagram. Small details are overlooked, rendering these opportunities useless. A lot has been added with every update. New features are waiting to be noticed and be utilized. On the other hand, marketers might have been doing something wrong that hinders success.


Ever wonder why your approach to effective marketing in the platform Instagram is not working? Well, you might be doing some of these things. Also, marketers can follow some of the suggestions.

Instagram marketing tips for business

instagram marketing tips for business

First, marketers need to understand their audience and understand how they use the platform. As a brand or business, it is important to connect with your audience by letting them feel that your brand is like them. Yes, it is hard to know how your audience uses the platform but by exploring and observing your audience will help you. So it is also important to invest time and effort to attain this. Well, nothing good comes easy.[irp]

Also, you can utilize Instagram by knowing some of its features and tools. One of which is the Instagram Explore menu. This tab allows one to search for keywords or hashtags that can help you narrow down the things you see. This will also help marketers see people who might be interested in their brands. Marketers can also search for a specific location, which will help them know the people who can be their possible target market.

Aside from this, you can also connect with your audience by watching their Stories or reacting on these. Marketers can also leave comments and like their audience’s posts on Instagram. There are a number of almost famous tools to help increase followers from your Instagram marketing efforts. This way, they also get to interact with their audience. This can build trust and a connection which can build your brand’s online clique.

Second, the reason your brand is not popular on Instagram is probably that you are not utilizing emojis. As simple as emojis can make for effective marketing. But be sure that you use the appropriate emojis for your posts. Besides, emojis are small pictures which can bring to life your posts. You can post photos and just put emojis as caption because let’s admit it; pictures already speak a thousand words.

Marketers can also search for emojis and know who used the emoji they are searching for. If ever your brand sells jewelry, marketers can search for the ring emoji to know who might be interested in getting jewelry at the time. In a way, this effort can help marketers identify their target market and who their potential customers are.

Third, your brand’s account may not be that visually appealing. This might be the reason why your audience is not engaged. Remember that Instagram is a social media platform where users post pictures. You as a brand has to have a pleasing facade.

Upon visiting your account, the audience will be enticed with your feed and choose to browse through your profile. That is why it is important to have an aesthetically alluring account to take the attention of your audience. If not, it will be easy for people to easily exit your account from their screen.[irp]

And also, it is important to have an attractive feed to leave a nice impression on your possible audience. For example, if your brand sells beach wear or swimsuits, it is important to have a feed that would make someone feel that they need to be on the beach right now. Marketers can try to make their feed coherent as if it has a summery vibe.

Marketers also need to decide on a theme for their feed. This is related to having a visually appealing account because a cluttered feed makes the eyes restless. This is so because the viewer’s eyes tend to try to look at the photos at the same time and would have a hard time focusing on each photo. Whereas if you thematically present your brand, viewers will have a delight in browsing through the photos.

Fourth, you are not utilizing Instagram’s Stories feature. This is a tricky feature to use, especially for brands, because Instagram Stories enables one to post anything they want, usually real-time happening is posted, for 24 hours. But for brands, what can you upload in the Stories tab? This is where it gets tricky. But don’t let this get to you because using this feature will surely help boost your online community.

But how do you as a brand use the Instagram Stories? Marketers can use it first, as a venue for advertisements. If you plan to have a Facebook Live, you can inform your Instagram followers about the said event. Doing this will not only boost your event but also let your followers know that they can also join the live session on Facebook. This way, your audience will also be hyped for the upcoming event you are hosting.

instagram marketing tips for business

Instagram Stories also offers exclusivity. Now, this is a good thing because people who are curious with some of the contents you upload on your Instagram Stories which can only be seen by those who follow you will now follow you to see your content. Aside from this, your brand will be searchable and easily accessible upon if you use hashtags, locations, and emojis.

Instagram Stories also allows you to upload photos and videos which you can use as a tutorial. This step-by-step contents can catch the attention of your followers. And lastly, use Instagram Stories as an appetizer. Meaning, these draw your audience to your profile which in turn be the thing you want. If you capture your audience’s attention, you can be sure they will inevitably engage with your brand. Be sure to pump up your Instagram Stories with this feature’s cool stickers.

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