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Four Ways on How to Use LinkedIn SlideShare in Company Promotions

  • September 26, 2019

LinkedIn SlideShare is one of the most popular slide sharing website-mobile app nowadays that is why there is no doubt that it is mostly used by businesses and companies in sharing files or documents among their employees in the workplace.

LinkedIn SlideShare is a website and mobile app for sharing and uploading file formats like PDF, OpenDocument, PowerPoint, and Keynote presentations. It launched in 2006, and LinkedIn bought it in 2012. Currently, it has an approximate of 38 million LinkedIn users. It is quite similar to YouTube, but its primary focus is slideshows.

One of the website’s main goal is to be used by businesses in sharing slideshow files among the employees in a company. It aims to make the sharing of files easier and convenient. Recently, LinkedIn SlideShare has expanded its scope by hosting a bigger number of slides uploaded and shared in the website and mobile app. It also opened its doors on slides that aim to give entertainment and not focuses on formal and business-related slides. With this changes, it expanded its horizons and target audience which is a good thing because the number of users the website and mobile app has, the greater profit and promotion will occur.[irp]

Linkedin Slideshare

The website also values the needs and wants of its users that is why it has a feature wherein users can rate, comment, & share the files uploaded to the website. This feature is very helpful to users because they can easily know if a file has a good quality and content based on the ratings and comments of the file.

Nowadays, many companies and businesses use LinkedIn SlideShare in generating information not only among their employees but with other businesses as well. They also tend to use it as a platform for business promotions and events.

So here are the four ways on how to use LinkedIn SlideShare in promoting companies.

Establish your connections in a wider range of people.

Having connections with people is a major factor in promotions. It is a way of endorsing yourself or your company to other people. The more people or connections you have in your profile, the higher the chance for your slideshow promotion to be noticed and viewed by people. Always remember that the company’s LinkedIn Profile is a powerful tool in marketing, communication, and promotions. Connections and interactions are important elements in this process. It is a way of building relationships with people that you can work with in the future.

Make presentations on the company’s LinkedIn profile directly from SlideShare.

You have to upload powerpoint presentations that you will use in promoting the company directly from SlideShare to gain more views and to market it on the website. It also helps establish your brand or the company’s brand. Also, it is also advised to use minimal text in the presentation because it might look text heavy for the viewers. It is better to add more photos and focus on one idea on each slide.[irp]

Make a catchy Title and eye-catching Visual.

The presentation title is the first thing that the viewers see. You should make a compelling headline with a strong story, take advantage of a big font and avoid fonts that are too artistic because it is hard to read and understand. It is essential to think of a catchy title for the company’s presentation to gain attention from the viewers. Aside from that, the second thing that viewers see is the presentation visual or design. If the company’s presentation has an attractive design, viewers tend to click on it. It is also recommended to use animated gifs in the presentation content to make it look lively and not boring. Be careful not to overdo it because it is still a formal presentation for business and promotion.

Encourage employees to give a good rate in the company’s presentation.

Employees are the building blocks of a company, so they play a vital role in this process. Users tend to view a slideshow in LinkedIn SlideShare by checking its rating. If the company’s presentation has an excellent or superb rate, many users will be curious and interested in the slide. Also, most employees have more connections than the companies. As a reward for the employees in sharing the presentations and providing good rates, the company may give simple rewards to the employees like free ice cream or free lunch to give them motivation in sharing it to many networks. It is also an act of appreciation and thanksgiving for the employees.

With the application of these four simple ways on how to use LinkedIn SlideShare in company promotions, you will be able to make successful presentations that will reach a significant number of people. It will also make your target audience aware of the company and its events through slideshow presentations, it will connect you easier with your audience, and it will drive traffic and revenues to your business. Having an active LinkedIn Company profile and account with active followers gives your business an added boost of credibility. This is further fueled by the advent of companies selling Linkedin Followers and businesses always use them to boost their numbers, at least at the beginning stages. There is also a chance to gain profit by using these simple ways because you can include products and services in the company presentations.

In conclusion, LinkedIn SlideShare is a great platform to promote companies and reach a significant number of people. It has a great potential to provide profit in a company by making promotions through slideshows which are commonly used in business presentations. It is a big help for companies who are currently launching a product or an event because there is a platform where they can promote the product or events in a slideshow which is more detailed and savvy than making posters or flyers. Most importantly, you can use LinkedIn SlideShare for free. So it means that it has many benefits for your company because it is free of charge, you are gaining connections, you are establishing your company brand, and at the same time, you are promoting your company or product for free!

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