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Four Ways to Use Promoted Pins in Pinterest Visual Search

  • January 23, 2020

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms recently. It continues to gain users yearly, and it reaches a wide range of audiences. It also has an updated platform which allows advertisements in the platform.

Are you familiar with Pinterest? If yes, I’m sure you heard of “Pinterest Promoted Pins.” If not, then here is your chance to know what promoted pins are. These are similar to normal Pins on Pinterest, but you have to pay for these pins for your pins to reach a large number of people. In a more simple explanation, promoted pins are just like paid advertisements in Pinterest. When you used it, your pins will be discovered and viewed by many people, and it will appear easily in the search bar. It also helps people find the right product and services that match them.


The use of promoted pins is a way of earning a profit for the website. Without profit, the website won’t be able to sustain its system that is why they create a way to make a profit from the users. It is a two-way profit because of not only the website benefits from it, the users as well. When the users avail the promoted pins, their posts will garner more views, and their product will be known and sold. It is a good way of marketing because both parties benefit from each other. When someone saves a promoted pin in his/her account, the promoted pins appear on the feed which provides additional sales from the new users on the website.[irp]

According to reports, 75% of pins on Pinterest are from businesses. It only shows that many companies trust in Pinterest and it is gaining investments not only domestic but also globally. There is no doubt that a significant future is waiting for this website and it is worth investing. So if you have a business and planning to promote your products, don’t hesitate to try and make an account on Pinterest.

Let me introduce to you the four ways to use promoted pins in the Pinterest visual search.

  1. Familiarize yourself in the use of visual keywords. You need to study and explore how the visual keywords work because it is an important process in promoted pins. When users search, the keywords you must use must be on trend so people will see your pins immediately on top of the search results. You can do a practice search and post first. For example, you can make a dummy post for bags. When it is posted, use the keywords that you put in the bag post and see if it will appear in the search results. If it didn’t appear, it means you need to change your keywords.
  2. Create a systematize objectives and promotion plan. In marketing and research, you need to set a clear and systematize objective. You have to know what is your real goal is. Aside from that, a promotion plan is also important. After clarifying your goals, you need to work on your plan. It includes how you will promote your product, and after promoting it, what is the next step. In Promoted Pins, after using promoted pins, the question that you need to answer is “Do people know about my product?” and “Are they interested in my products?” If your reply is yes, then you just need to wait for the inquiries from them. However, if you noticed that the promoted pins that you availed are not working, you might consider sharing it on your other social media accounts.
  3. Keep track on your promoted pins progress. IIt is important to observe your promoted pins because you paid for it and you need to check is there is progress. It is important to focus and take charge in the observation of data and analytics. It can help you point out the problem if ever your promoted pins don’t work. You need to observe it in the duration of your campaign. Also, you can edit your keywords in the ads dashboard to improve the ranking of your pins in the search engine.[irp]
  4. Choose a goal for your promoted pins: For Awareness, Engagement, Website Traffic, or App Installs). You need to only have one goal in using promoted pins. You need to choose one and do something to achieve it. First, awareness is for people to see your products in the most viewed part of Pinterest followers. Second is Engagement, it tracks the needs and wants of your audiences, and it makes your promoted pins near to the people that match them. The third one is Website Traffic, it spreads your content to your audiences, and the advantage in this one is you got paid in every clicks that your pins received. It is a good thing to try to earn additional profit. Lastly is the App Installs which leads the download straightly from Pinterest.

With these four ways, it broadened your mind about the other ways you can do to utilize your promoted pins on Pinterest. Some users just avail this feature without knowing its other functions. You learned that there are a lot of things to consider in using a promoted pins in the Pinterest visual search. To sum it up, the four factors you need to remember are keywords, objectives, goal, and promoted pins. You can easily recall the ways by just remembering these keywords.

Furthermore, Pinterest is not only about searching and finding things; it is about reaching millions of people with different unique ideas. With the use of Pinterest, you can help your audience discover and learn new things about new products and ideas. It is also a great investment because it has a stable system and its users are increasing through the years. Many businesses are also patronizing this platform so you should not doubt in using this platform in promoting, sharing, and culminating your ideas in a larger group of people.[irp]

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