Data Breach

Guarding against a Data Breach is the Smart Marketing Move

  • September 27, 2019

For businesses, data is essential. We need it to effectively market our products. Protection from data breach is as essential for business success as collecting it is in the first place. A data breach carries some serious risks for businesses.

Not only do they have to deal with the financial hit, but they also have to deal with the fallout. Six out of ten small businesses don’t survive longer than six months after a breach. Having the right security measures in place, like email scanning software and cybersecurity awareness programs is your best chance of defending your business.

To help you get started on the path to a more secure database, we’ve got an interesting infographic for you. The information has been well-researched and is based on facts, not some thumb-sucking by the author.

The facts are presented in small chunks, with no fluff to wade through. In total it’s about a five-minute read, but you’re getting a whole lecture’s worth of information.

You’ll learn:

About some of the most audacious hacks in history – in terms of both financial loss and user data exposed.

More about some of the world’s best hackers

How cybercrime affects small and medium-sized businesses and the potential fallout after a breach

The staggering average cost of each cyber attack

Where your weakest security link is

Tips you can implement today to protect your database

How cybercrime affects personal users and the silly mistakes we make that make it easier to get hacked

How you can create a bullet-proof password

Cybersecurity myths that can be put to bed permanently

More about the GDPR, the fines that can be imposed, and how companies are responding

I could sit here all day talking about what’s in the IG. Or I could hand over to you and let you read it. Decide for yourself – is it a keeper or not?

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