artificial intelligence in digital marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is changing Digital Marketing

  • November 16, 2019

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a system, machine or device to be able to make an informed decision based on available data. Popular AI technologies are now commonly used in predictive analysis, decision making & automation efforts. AI varies in functionality and not just limited to analysis or automation tools.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

How AI is disrupting the Digital Marketing world

With the rise of technology and Big Data, conversations around Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming a part of our everyday life. A few years ago, AI was more of a futuristic concept mostly portrayed in movies. But today we live in a world filled with and operated via Artificial Intelligence. AI is available even to everyday users just buy purchasing a smart device and businesses are investing heavily into AI. A lot of industries have experienced leaps and bounds through machine learning in different departments such as marketing, sales, finance, and operations. [irp]

How AI is adding value to digital marketer’s life?

With the amount of revenue spent on Digital Ad campaigns, it is imperative that Digital Marketers depend on a more reliable source to crunch data. Digital marketers are by the day finding it more difficult to work without using AI for strategic planning and campaign decision making. Artificial Intelligence has aided digital marketers in analytics providing improved insights for managing campaigns, budget planning, & ROI analysis. 

10 Major roles Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently playing in the Digital Marketing space

  1. Customer data management
  2. Customer behavior analysis and customer experience analysis
  3. Predictive analysis
  4. Trend analysis for campaign planning
  5. Smart pattern analysis
  6. Marketing automation
  7. Real-time data analysis and decision making
  8. Content marketing
  9. Programmatic advertising
  10. Native advertising [irp]

AI continues to remain one of the top productivity tools for Digital Marketers, improving efficiency, productivity and ad spend. With the use of AI digital marketers can study and understand customer behavior and make the right recommendations at the right time and in real-time. Artificial intelligence provides digital marketers with tools built with millions of predefined conditions which analyzes how customers react/interact to a particular situation, ad copy, email campaign, post, video or any other touchpoint.

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