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How Social Media Influences Your Business

  • January 23, 2020

Today, everything is done easier with computers and technology. Add the internet to the mix, and you get a fully functional online society. From the ways we stay connected, through the channels of buying and advertising – this is the time of modern wonders.

The world is powered by ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ buttons. People of all ages use their mobile devices for news, reading, and shopping. While many are still sticking to their brick and mortar stores, a new wave of online shoppers is waiting for companies and businesses to provide them with high-quality goods and services.[irp]

From people looking for Walmart vouchers for some nice discounts to people buying cars on eBay, the world is savoring online shopping to the fullest.

Social commerce is a new term, and it contains both the main features of social media and electronic commerce. Social media lovers can now shop on their social platforms, and sellers can extend their reach to new, valuable audience.

Here is how your business can benefit from social media marketing.

Increase visibility

90% of followers reach out to brands and companies on social media. Because so many shoppers are active on the social networks, you have new paths to reach them. Traditional adds are not that attractive, and social networks are where all the customers are anyway.[irp]

A person that’s active on Facebook may stumble upon your Facebook page and like what you offer.
Facebook Marketplace allows potential clients to buy instantly, and what’s better, to talk to you about a product and make a healthy purchase. A word of advice, don’t post the same content on all of your social networks, followers value variety.

Obtain consistent customers

According to a recent study, 66% of Americans that follow brands on social media stay loyal to those brands.[irp]
Brands that interact with followers on social networks make an impact on their buying decision.
By posting compelling content that engages their minds, brands receive a steady trickle of loyal followers that regularly check for new products and discounts.

Customers also like to give an opinion and receive answers from their favorite companies, so if you keep the conversation going, it feels like they are buying from someone they know. You build trust and customers appreciate integrity.

Reduce marketing costs

Social media marketing is great for any budget. You have to invest only a small sum, and it’s enough to get started.

Even top companies use social media marketing. It is a great way to obtain followers and boost sales.

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