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How to beat Instagram Algorithm in 2020

  • January 23, 2020

Most businesses and experienced marketers often claim that Instagram remains one of the best platforms for lead generation and winning new businesses. At the moment, Instagram is one of the top five advertising platforms in the world, behind Facebook and WeChat.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Instagram has evolved over the years since its inception. Changes with the main look and feel, change with the logo, and then the most significant of all changes happened. Instagram changed from chronological to the algorithmic way of displaying content. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Instagram posts no longer receive the number of impressions they used to get. Recent data shows that only an estimated 10% of your audience actually sees your posts. This has caused a lot of pain to businesses, influencers and individuals, as this means users are seeing only posts Instagram believes may be interesting to them.

How do you beat the Instagram algorithm in 2020?

If you are new to Instagram marketing you will most likely think that Instagram Algorithm has its own mysterious ways. The good news is from experience and seasoned Digital Marketing pros who closely monitor the latest trends from the Instagram blog, attend conferences, and other relevant websites/blogs will tell you that there is no mystery. The Instagram algorithm is only pure logic and knowledge about the basic principles of social media marketing.

Here are a few things you need to know about how the Instagram algorithm works: 

Maximize the use of Instagram stories

We would recommend you always try and communicate via Stories. While Instagram Stories, use, and functionality continue to evolve and become an integral part of Instagram’s marketing strategy. Use Instagram stories that are engaging and will drive engagement or interactions. While using Instagram Stories to share your brand story, ensure to use at least an emoji to every reaction on your Story. That makes a ton of difference and might look like a waste of your time, but it is actually time well spent on widening the number of regular viewers of your Stories.

Pay attention to microblogging

Instagram is currently experiencing a writing renaissance, and with a lot of white space for captions, microblogging via Instagram is now a very important part of social media content strategy. With most users spending more time on the platform, reading long captions, this is aiding Instagram to monetize the platform. Brands or influencers can leverage this strategy to offer tips, detailed product info and get to share their story. A couple of brands have also recycled amazing images on their website on Instagram via microblogging.

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Engage with your followers

Most marketing experts believe that the Instagram algorithm doesn’t only give priority to posts with high impressions, but can also limit the visibility of the post on the basis of engagement with your followers. Now more than ever it is important admins keep track of comments on posts, especially during the first hour after posting, else the visibility of your posts may be negatively affected. You will have to now start treating Instagram comments like actual conversations. If a comment doesn’t require a response, comment with a smiley or like the comment, ensure you show activity/engagement.

How quickly do users interact with your content?

We have learned that the Instagram algorithm is primarily based on interaction with posts. This primarily includes any engagement within the first 60 minutes of a post such as; the number of likes, are their comments, did your video gets viewed, was your post saved and any other types of interactions that the post receives. At any point a post receives a lot of likes and comments, this sends a signal to the Instagram algorithm that it’s a high-quality post, with attractive content, and with the potential of more people willing to see it.

Use of relevant hashtags

The use of hashtags is still an efficient strategy to gain more followers and increase your post reach. The Instagram algorithm has always supported posts with accurate, relevant hashtags and now they are more important than ever. Instagram has recently added the ability for users to subscribe to hashtags, which means that instead of users having to scroll through the feed to find your tagged content, your posts can automatically appear in the feeds of potential new followers.

Utilize new features 

Did you know Instagram rewards you for using all its features? You can get on the good side of Instagram by utilizing key new features like story highlights, polls, music, quizzes, chats, and following hashtags.  Using new features signals Instagram of your interest in the app and you get rewarded by having more users see your content. What are you waiting for? start following hashtags you interested in, use IGTV, create story polls to encourage your audience to engage.

Quality Images and Videos

We can’t overemphasize this, as Instagram is a visual platform and people are there to curate quality content. The aesthetics of your Instagram feed matters. Why do you think Instagram has filters? This is to ensure you can always curate the next best image/video with as little graphic design skill.

Be Consistent

It’s safe to say the goal of Instagram is to make money for the company and to achieve this, the platform needs to ensure users are engaged and spend more time on the platform. Humans are a creature of habit, based on this psychology Instagram expects content curators to maintain consistency on the content been pushed out. You need to consistently post on the platform daily to build momentum and engage users. Brands who have been inconsistent have seen a steep decline in engagement and impression.


In order for you to beat Instagram algorithm in 2020 remember its all about quantity, quality, and consistency in a nutshell

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