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Importance of Customer Care Support in Business

  • November 16, 2019

The significance of customer care support

Customer care support is important for all businesses. Customer satisfaction should be a priority for all businesses if they want to thrive. Therefore, the customer care department is a representation of the business. If customers have any queries or complaints, they should be attended to. Below are some of the impacts of customer care support on businesses.

It has a direct impact on image of the brand

Customer care has an important role to play when it comes to the image of the brand. A company that has excellent customer service often has a good brand image. Businesses that have not invested in their customer care department hurt the reputation of their brand. 95% of businesses have admitted that customer care has had a direct impact on their brand image.[irp]

Customers spend more when they are satisfied

According to Website Builders UK, customers spend more when they are given attention by their brands. If they have queries which are answered, 3-20% tend to spend more on the brand.

Poor customer service affects sales

Poor customer service support may prompt consumers to abandon a product. A study conducted on Millennials, Baby Boomers and Gen x showed that all of them are inclined towards good customer service. 54% of millennials, 52% of Baby Boomers and 50% of Gen X abandoned a product because of poor customer service.

This, therefore, goes to show that businesses should strive to ensure that their customers are always happy. Their services should be the best to ensure that the consumer feels appreciated because that will enhance customer loyalty.[irp]

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