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Key Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

  • November 16, 2019

Marketing is very broad as they are various types and various ways of marketing. For one to be a good digital marketer, there are some tactics and trends which they need to be familiar with. The modern marketer must be agile. But while change generates creativity, the goals of marketing remain constant. An employer hires a marketer to communicate the right message to the right audience. By raising brand awareness and loyalty, drive traffic and customer engagement. And also to implement methods that lead to conversions and sales.

Here are key trends in marketing to prepare for in the coming year:

The Talent Gap

The talent gap in digital marketing is the root cause of unsuccessful campaigns. It results in inappropriate budgets and misinterpretation of data. Marketers can help their brands rise by acquiring new digital skills.

More companies will try to increase training in digital marketing for their employees. To maximize the impact of budgets, practitioners should enhance their skills. Some of these skills include content marketing, analytics, mobile, social marketing, programmatic, SEO, in-store marketing, location targeting, personalization/customization etc.[irp]

Social Marketing

Social media marketing is all about finding means to create awareness. It also includes creating web traffic for your business. Social marketing is considered a low cost, high ROI approach. One way of going about this, is to promote stories on Facebook News Feed. This helps to provide favourable coverage.

Another means is to give social users offers like discounts and/or cash. This also promotes your business goods and services. For example, a restaurant could give a 10% discount if customers share photos of their dining experience on social media.

In-Store Marketing

In-store marketing is carried out to promote a business. This could be done by creating awareness to customers on products and services. In-store marketing is performed within a store. It includes merchandising, displays, free sampling, media promotions, discounts and coupons. All these can be done online, while also being practical. Mobile in-store updates are intended to increase a shopper’s awareness of current promotions.[irp]

For instance, on social media platforms, offering discounts, coupons and promotional offers increases customer rate.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an extension of article marketing. It is also an alternative means for businesses to convey their messages to a wider audience. With video marketing, it is not necessarily big budgets that win the day, but rather great ideas that can require low production costs.

Video marketing works more than other means of marketing. This is so because studies have shown that people prefer to watch than to read. Using the right graphics, and producing quality videos helps to promote awareness. Also creating valuable content helps to gain more customers.

The Takeaway

The age-old practice of marketing requires people who know what they’re doing. The modern marketer should be flexible in his experiments and ideas. Programmatic requires manual intervention in order to find the right parameters. Analytics need sound interpretation. Location-based promotions need the right offers at the right time. Video marketing needs a solid understanding of the audience etc.

Social and video marketing, analytics, native ads, programmatic, in-store mobile offers, content marketing and other digital techniques are all changing the profession. For digital marketing to be successful, the marketer has to be able to adapt.

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