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Major Platforms for Social Media Customer Care

  • January 23, 2020

Many different social media platforms are making it easier for brands to use them for their customer service needs. By using social media to answer customer questions or complaints helps to streamline the communication process and also offers a faster response rate to usual customer service methods. After you build your website, the first next thing you should focus on is your social media presence, for a number of different reasons.

Customer support is an integral part of a business’ success. Brands need to make sure they are doing all they can to keep customer service up to date and easy to use. Social media provides an ideal platform to boost a company’s image, some of the most popular of which can be found below.[irp]


The 79% of adult internet users use Facebook, making it the ideal platform to use for customer care. One of the biggest factors that makes Facebook popular for this purpose is Facebook chat. This is a live chat which customers can use to make complaints. And get answers to their questions directly from the company.

Need proof that this is already a very popular customer service channel? The fact that brands on average receive 39 messages per 1000 fans on Facebook every month. This way, customers can get a response to queries quickly and efficiently.


This is another popular customer care channel. Customers tend to take to Twitter to share reviews of a brand or product, air their frustrations, and connect with brands quickly. It offers a range of customer service features such as the ability to enable direct message or a ‘support’ option. This will make customers immediately see that a Twitter account is customer service friendly, and the ability to use welcome messages.[irp]

Companies are now able to monitor brand mentions and keywords.  In order to actively search for service opportunities to build a relationship with customers.


Top brands receive on average 216 comments on Instagram posts, making it a great platform for engagement rates. Recently, Instagram has rolled out a ‘contact’ button for businesses which lets customer reach out to brands directly if she has any questions. This underscores the importance of using social media as a customer service channel.

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