Marketing Automation Tools 2017

Marketing Automation Tools

  • November 16, 2019

What is Marketing Automation?

This is any software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error, manage complexity and measure and optimize your efforts. Marketing automation tools work by specifying criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes that are then interpreted, stored and executed by software tools. Digital marketing automation has its roots in email marketing.

To qualify for inclusion in the Marketing Automation category, a product must:

  • Automate more than one of the following: email, social media, SMS, and digital ads
  • Allow dynamic segmentation of marketing campaign targets
  • Contact targets after specific actions or periods of time

Depending on the size of your business, whether small, medium or large, the tool to use varies.

Top 7 Marketing Automation Tools


This is a good email marketing tool. It is very easy to set up and use. It also doesn’t require full-time managers like Marketo and Hubspot. It’s also affordable particularly if you have an SMB. It also has lots of different features and offers great value for money.[irp]
To set up your marketing automation on GetResponse, you use their drag-and-drop workflow building, which allows you to design user experiences from start to finish. There are hundreds of scenarios that you can create with their builder:

  • Conditions – base your marketing automation on the actions your website visitors take (click on a particular link, abandoned cart, purchase made, subscribing, opening a specific email, visiting a certain URL, etc.)
  • Actions – then, it’s time to set what actions you want to take for each condition: it can be sending a particular email, adding or subtracting points from targeted subscribers, tagging users, moving to a different campaign and assigning or removing custom fields. You can also set up what time to wait before taking action.
  • Apply filters – to take your targeting to the next level, you can apply certain filters, such as a particular range of users, the users from a certain campaign, and more.

GetResponse is easy to use, and it also offers amazing targeting and segmenting features to companies of all sizes, no matter how small or big, for small prices.


Hubspot is probably one of the best-known marketing automation tools on the market. The software allows you to build simple campaigns for follow-ups, as well as more complex workflows for every stage of the customer life cycle.
Just like with GetResponse, there are dozens of actions, triggers and conditions to play around with. Hubspot also allows you to segment your list so that you can more easily organize users and send automated personalized content.
The only issue with Hubspot is that it can be difficult to figure out how some things work, so I would recommend going through the training courses and you might have to Google some solutions at times. lets you send targeted messages to your customers that you can craft based on how they interact with your business. The best part about this tool is that it integrates with your mobile app or website so you can see data in real time and triggers actions by adding in predefined rules.
Basically, it makes personalized messages simple. Other features include A/B testing, conversion tracking, customer profiles, and in-context conversations.[irp]


It is a marketing automation suite perfect for boosting your revenue. Amp up your engagement with CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting. This tool is perfect for helping sales teams shorten sales cycles.

It also provides data for reporting ROI and standard CRM integration. It also includes A/B testing for email and landing page, advanced dynamic content, and Google AdWords integration. You also get API access, multiple scoring categories, an integrated marketing calendar, and social profiles. It also includes a dedicated IP address and phone support.


This is an easy and powerful software that aids marketing and sales teams drive revenue and improve marketing accountability.
Marketo provides one of the leading cloud-based marketing software platforms for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships.


DialogTech was formerly known as Ifbyphone. This is a great voice-based marketing automation, for boosting ROI using call automation and analytics. You can optimize voice interactions with Dialog Tech’s tools by measuring your success and adjusting accordingly.
Its functionality includes keyword call-tracking, caller-profile data, reverse lookup, conversation analytics, in-call scoring, geolocation routing, voice broadcasts and more. Keyword call-tracking is a game changer for voice interactions.
Else, you really have no way of tracking that kind of data over the phone yourself. Except you’re manually recording calls and playing them back later. And even then, you’d have to manually track how those customers reacted after hearing certain keywords.[irp]

Oracle Eloqua:

Oracle’s B2B cross-channel marketing solution Oracle Eloqua lets marketers plan automated campaigns while simultaneously personalizing them. The tool is an effective personalization device across various channels like email, video, and mobile. Oracle Eloqua will give you all of the lead-management tools you need and segment your audience in specific ways to get them to buy. You can track reports and insights into a buyer’s journey with just a few clicks.

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