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Top 4 Instagram Growth Hack

  • November 16, 2019
Instagram has currently ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site with 700 million active users in August 2017. Instagram has evolved from just an image app to a vital digital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. At Verhaal, we encourage SMEs to leverage the use of Instagram to create more awareness for their brands using the following organic growth hacks.

Hashtag analysis

Instagram is big on organic reach. With the proper set of hash tags, your post could be reaching more users than the number of followers you have. We recently opened an account for a client, with zero followers, but the first post with 30 hashtags got over 50 likes and over 100 impressions.[irp]

User Generated Content

Curating contents from users, go a long way to add the human touch to your social profile. Online users are able to tell how authentic a brand is online, based on the different posts. Having user generated posts doesn’t only show your authentic but showcases your customers endorsing your brand. Always share the stories of your promoters


It is very easy to signup on Instagram and want to start posting randomly. If you have a business account you will have access to Instagram analytics. This is a powerful tool that shows the performance of posts, best times to post and best days to post.  With the aid of this tool, users will be able to post with improved performance and efficiency.[irp]

Quality images/videos

Instagram is a visual platform, the quality of images and videos can either make your brand stand out or make your brand look mediocre. Humans are visual creatures and identify with quality images or videos. Always make sure to put up high-quality images or videos with creative captions.

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