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What Google Never Told You About Organic Traffic

  • September 26, 2019


Every business needs publication and website traffic. Apart from using simple techniques like making use of bright colours for your website, generating useful contents from comments and the likes. There is a need for the more technical methods, to increase website traffic. It isn’t just enough to have a website, and leave it at that. More efforts have to be put in for it to be more successful and for your company/business to be able to stand against its competitors.

Here are 6 strategies enlisted to improve your website organic traffic:

Create Intriguing Content:

Create contents that are capable of catching the minds of your customers. That way, they’ll keep coming back to your site and could even refer others back to your website

Track Your Competitors:

Follow up on the methods and tactics that your competitors are using to overshadow you. Improve on these tactics to make your own methods better. Also, keeping track of your competitors could give you insights about the very important thing that you may be missing.[irp]

Support Your Investors:

It would surprise you how mentioning your sponsors, can attract more traffic to your website. By doing this, you’re partnering companies and investors know that you care about them. And they could, in turn, redirect people to your website, thereby increasing website traffic.

Use Visual Content:

Humans are visual beings and connect more with images and videos. Visuals are remarkably powerful in attracting viewers, which in turn create the necessary traffic signals. Visuals include infographics, logo, buttons and banners.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO helps to make your website visible to customers in search engine with ease. When SEO is properly done, your customers can easily find you with specific words, letters and so on. And when your customers can easily find your business online, they can keep up with the progress and new products of your company. Thereby aiding traffic to your website compared to when it is hard to find in search engines.


Retargeting ads work by placing a tracking cookie on each of your visitor’s computers. When these users leave your site, they start seeing ads to come back. Using this type of advertising helps you reach visitors who leave without conversion which is about 90 percent of all your traffic. Making retargeting a valuable strategy in getting those visitors to come back and convert.[irp]

Making Use of Social Media Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has over a million followers on a daily basis. Having your business or company advertised on these social media platforms goes a long way in directing people and bringing to their awareness, your business. This way, website traffic is being increased potentially.

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