twitter algorithm changes 2018

What You Need to Know About Twitter Algorithm Changes 2018

  • November 16, 2019

twitter algorithm change 2018

There are more to the limited number of characters in a tweet than you know. We have all seen the impact of Twitter algorithm changes on our timelines. Some of the tweets you now see on your timeline have been pushed by Twitter, as you do not follow these people. What is good with this relatively new function is that you get to see what you missed, so, therefore, it feels like you never left the virtual world. This also does not leave out the posts of the ones you follow. These tweets are posted in your timeline chronologically, which is better.

Twitter Algorithm Changes 2018

It is more than a year now since the last Twitter algorithm changes. There have been many changes in this development and marketers are now taking advantage of it for improved audience engagement.  Based on the latest result of Twitter’s accomplishments, there have been great and substantial results from the first quarter of last year to this year’s Q1. Though this great effect cannot be solely attributed to the introduction of the algorithm-driven timeline, Twitter claims that the algorithm has contributed to their success.[irp]

Twitter’s performance showed that this year’s second quarter had more active users (328) than last year’s (313). But this year’s second quarter number had been the same as that of the first quarter this year. Meaning the growth of active users had not increased and had remained stagnant as far as 2017 is talked about.  As far as revenue is concerned, the second quarter of 2017 showed an increase ($474 million) from the first quarter ($489 million).

How does this work? How does Twitter choose which posts stick on each user’s timeline? As already explained, not only all the posts of the ones you follow are seen in your feed. Even those who you do not follow are inserted in your timeline. Now what you can see is that “Anonymous Person liked.” or “You might like.” Yes, it is true that you do not follow the person, but you can see their post, this is so because you follow Anonymous Person. There are also moves that Twitter has taken for its goal to engage the audience. The “In Case You Missed It” tab is where these are.

Twitter explained that they take note of a person’s tweets through a relevance model. From there, they foretell which types of tweets seem relevant to you. Those that get the highest points are the ones placed at the top of the timeline while the other follows.

Now for the “In Case, You Missed It” section, Twitter explains that it is not always shown. The appearance would depend on the last time of your login and the number of tweets available. The difference between this section’s tweets versus the ones in your feed is that the ones in the “In Case You Missed It” section only lets you see the most important tweets regardless of time, while your timeline shows the most relevant to the least one according to their time. Twitter also said that this is for people to see first what had transpired significantly before they go to the detailed, longer feed.

twitter algorithm change 2018

This new feature is help from Twitter to boost engagement. This microblogging site has also been introducing little by little some “tools” that can further help you out. The “People Also Read” section comes out when you open a link from Twitter. These suggestions come out, and these are usually about the same topics as the one you have opened. This also helps the users in looking at other sites for information. For example, if you read about news from a link on Twitter about immigrants, Twitter will suggest more news related to this topic but from another news site.

But these Twitter algorithm changes were not welcomed warmly by everybody. It was perceived as Twitter not being Twitter anymore. As such, the company tried their best to make their audience still hooked on the social media platform. Twitter tried to be less intrusive.[irp]

How does Twitter measure the relevance of tweets? The relevance model Twitter ranks tweets according to the tweet, the tweet’s author, and the user (you). The tweet is considered based on its current posting, media cards, and the number of activities it had, like retweets. The author would mean the interaction between the user and the author and the history of your relationship. And you will also be a factor, especially the frequency of your use of Twitter and the things you engaged yourself with on Twitter. As a user, if you do not use Twitter so much, then you leave a little idea for Twitter to use as a relevance measure.

twitter algorithm change 2018

Now, this is an opportunity you should not miss. It presents more opportunities and possibilities for everyone. Though it is not as popular as Facebook, Twitter’s algorithm changes have great promises for boosting engagement which anyone can take advantage of. As further developments are being added, you can try your best to reach your target audience by knowing the tricks and the ins and outs of the Twitter algorithm changes.

Twitter is known to be the microblogging site that is used by almost everyone. You can instantly share whatever you like with some characters. You can also incorporate hashtags and emojis along with your tweets. Aside from this, you can add links to contents. You can also reply, retweet, or like other tweets. But more than this, there are many ways that marketers can use Twitter for.[irp]

What are the soon-to-be-made changes on Twitter that we can expect? As proven that algorithm has helped in improving engagement and the number of hours invested by users on the social media platform, developments are still up. This means that this feature can be used as a powerful tool in persuasion. This is also an excellent opportunity for Twitter to regain its audience and the number of hours people spend on this site. Therefore, Twitter needs to up their game more to compete with other big and popular social media platforms like Facebook.

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